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About Us
Ducare NZ Ltd is 100% committed to quality. We are driven by perfection. Our relentless dedication to quality,integrity and reliability has earned us an enviable reputation as one of New Zealand's leading provider of steel solutions.

With over 40 year’s experience in high quality metal fabrication, Ducare strives to be the best and that begins with our commitment to our clients requirements and a zero defects policy. We've built an impressive track record providing specialist design and engineering services to a range of industries throughout the country, from the far north to the deep south.

At Ducare we believe in collaboration. Our people consistently deliver for our clients, which is why more than 90 percent of the work Ducare does comes from repeat business through our long-term relationships. We believe in succeeding together with our clients and being greater than the sum of the parts. Our expertise and experience, together with our clients' knowledge of their business, their needs and their customers, make us a great team.

This kind of longevity and reliability, doesn't just happen by chance. It's evidence of our commitment, reputation and resilience to perfection, and continual improvement, that has laid strong foundations for the future. We are proudly a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company, and always will be.

Our professional metal fabrication services include industrial soda blasting and coatingwater jet cuttingCNC steel fabrication, and seismic bracing and strengthening.

Ducare NZ Ltd are specialist industrial steel fabricatorsCall us today!

Our Approach is Simple
We take the time to understand your objectives then do everything possible to achieve them.We're organised and we’re professional. It's impossible to design and manufacture outstanding engineering solutionswithout full attention to detail, quality and service. Our record speaks for itself.
Three simple values guide us.
People are our greatest asset.

Our people are the lifeblood of our business, bringing energy, enthusiasm and ideas to each project but, even more importantly, delivering genuine know-how and practical experience. DUCARE NZ offers all metal work the client may require for their projects. Specialising in the fabrication of aluminium, copper, stainless and mild steel of various thickness, we also use state of the art computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines for high precision results and fast turn around, even on high volume orders. The highly skilled DUCARE team will get the job done right first time, while being very cost competitive for the client. Our collaborative approach will deliver the right solutions every time.

We Challenge.

Helping our clients succeed drives Ducare's business. To meet their challenges, we have to understand their industry and their objectives. Over the years, our partnerships have helped us develop a wide range of technical expertise to better serve a variety of clients in multiple industries. We are a company of forward thinkers who are passionate about expertise and innovation to all of our projects. If it's metal we make it.

The Strength to Do More.

We transform the engineering landscape. We can develop and manage the entire project to complete our clients' visions. By engaging Ducare at the design phase of a project, we can use our considerable skills and collaborative expertise to ensure optimum manufacturing and cost efficiency. Clients can take advantage of Ducare's strength to complete a project from beginning, to end. This asset not only adds convenience, it provides customers with greater certainty and an assurance that they have access to the highest engineering solutions on offer. With more machinery, more skill, more commitment, we make it easy for customers to do business with us.

Ducare does this with a relentless focus on safety, a commitment to cost-saving and providing sustainable solutions.Whatever your project size, large or small, Ducare are pleased to offer you our total solution package.These are stable foundations that will ensure Ducare remains a market leader. Our values build a stronger business.

What Drives Us

  • Vision


    Ducare is a multifaceted organization, synonymous with quality and innovative engineering solutions. We are professional and experienced in all aspects of business activity and be identified as market leaders by industry peers.

  • Mission


    To satisfy our customers needs by maintaining exceptional service and providing innovational and imaginative solutions to their problems. We will act in all matters with honesty and integrity and fully promote within the company a sense of individual and organisational achievement, self belief and enjoyment.

  • Our Values

    Our Values

    With more machinery, more skill, more commitment, we make it easy for customers to do business with us.

  • Our Values

    Our Values

    Execute rapidly and intelligently; passionately, proactively, and with thoughtful planning. Insist on excellence. Stay intolerant of “bureaucracy for bureaucracy’s sake.” Meet or exceed goals. Reward improvement and celebrate results.

  • Our Values

    Our Values

    Get things done. Sustain an atmosphere that energizes and engages others. Make difficult decisions when it’s the right thing to do. Motivate and hold each other accountable. Embrace change for the growth opportunities it brings.

  • Our Values

    Our Values

    Foster an environment of mutual service, not self-service. Succeed as a team; be greater than the sum of the parts. Do what is necessary, when it is necessary. Create excitement, have some fun.

  • Our Values

    Our Values

    Passionately focus on driving customer success, and show infectious enthusiasm for our customers. Provide them with more than what they need.

  • Our Values

    Our Values

    Exercise sound judgment and the highest standards of ethical behavior in support of our vision and goals. Be direct and truthful. Respect each other and appreciate our diversity of perspectives. Allocate resources judiciously.

    Our People
    The DUCARE team share a wealth of experience and a passion for innovative engineering and compliance solutions.Our team's expertise spans the whole project lifecycle, so we can integrate our expertise to save time and money for clients.

    We are clear in our belief that DUCARE is only as good as our people and the diverse range of abilities and talents they bring to our clients.

    We are a team of creative thinkers with energy for problem solving and practical knowhow to challenge and push boundaries to ensure the very best outcome for our clients, every time.