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Pre-cast Yard for the MacKay’s to Peka Peka Expressway Project


Production of Large Super Tee Pre-cast Beams- First 1825mm units in New Zealand
DUCARE NZ were approached to provide a fast and reliable solution to mount the Linkage Bars in the reinforcing to the correct tolerances.

The Challenge:
To design and produce the required amount of specialised Large Super Tee Pre-Cast Beams and to position the Linkage Bolts with-in the 1mm tolerance allowed within a given time frame required.

The Solution:
We drew on our experience and track record in supplying high speed solutions to manufacture the Set Out Plates that positioned the Linage Bolts and give the concrete surface the correct grip finish.

The Operation:
The Set Out Plates were cut out by our CNC Water Cutter and folded in our CNC Press Break. After the attachment of the Holding Sections, the plates were taken down and mounted in the assembly jig. (photo 1) The Linkage Bolts and reinforcing material were positioned and tied in. (photo 2) The amount of integrated reinforcement required for a Super Tee End Cage. (photo 3)

The End Result:
DUCARE’s rigorous testing and design ingenuity delivered a complete solution which resulted in the Super Tee Beam being lifted into position on the Waikanae River Bridge. (photo 4) The largest Super Tee Beam on the bridge was 1825mm deep, 39.3 mtrs long and weighed 95 tons. These are the first '1825mm Large Super Tee Precast Beams' in New Zealand.

The Last Word:
Word of mouth endorsements by our satisfied customers have always underpinned DUCARE’s growing market share and this project is no exception. We are grateful to the entire M2PP Alliance team for spreading the word on our successful design and implementation of the Linkage Bolt solution for the large Super Tee Pre-cast Beams.



I wanted to pass on our thanks to you and your team at Ducare Engineering for the exceptional turnaround on fabricating new stop-ends for our pre-cast operation. We needed to put things right quickly and your people went the extra mile and I hear second shifted into the night last Thursday to get the job done. We got a beam poured yesterday so are very pleased. Please pass on our acknowledgement to your workers on the shop floor!

Alan Orange, Alliance Projcy Manager | M2PP Alliance